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CEPro: Quest for Quality - 2018 Category Kudos - 03/30/18

James Loudspeaker was recently nominated and considered among the most outstanding in our service category by CE Pro readers.


TechHome Loudspeaker of the Year: Architectural - 01/11/18

James Loudspeaker has been awarded the prestigious 2018 TechHome® Mark of Excellence Award for the groundbreaking Small Aperture 42SA-4 architectural speaker!


Super AV Outstanding Overall Performance Award - 01/05/18

A prestigious award for the James Loudspeaker 812BE from our friends in China.


Top New Technology Award at ISE Amsterdam - 02/14/17

James Loudspeaker recieved the TNT (Top New Technology) award for the Omni89AT at ISE Amsterdam. The Omni89AT features four 42AT coaxial drivers with a 8" down firing subwoofer, and can be ordered as single amp or bi-amped, mono or stereo, and also with controlled coverage - definitely a winner!

Cedia   best new product 2015

CEDIA - Best New Product 2015 - 01/23/15

James Loudspeaker has recieved the CEDIA Best New Product of 2015 award for the 63SA-4 Small Aperture speaker. This award signifies excellence in innovative technology.

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