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SPL3 SoundBars

The SPL3 series is just one of many SoundBar series from James Loudspeaker that provides the perfect solution for all your home entertainment needs. Like all James SoundBars, each bar comes completely customized for your TV. Not only do we guarantee that your bar will perfectly match the size of your television, we make sure that your bar comes in the color and format that you want. Whether you’re looking for just a center channel, a stereo bar, or the complete package of left center and right, we have the bar for you. We even make bars that mount to the sides of the TV for applications where mounting to the bottom is impossible, using the James Loudspeaker centergy technology to integrate the center channel into both bars in a dual monaural design, and allowing maximum versatility in integrating sound into your entertainment system.

Each SPL3 series bar boasts a slim profile design at just 1.5 inches deep to match the ultra-slim depth of the new flat screen TV’s. Using James proprietary ultra-slim driver technology, unparalleled frequency response and acoustic performance is achieved in a smaller size than ever imaginable. Complete with custom brackets to mount the bar or bars to your display, these incredible speaker bars integrate elegantly and seamlessly into any entertainment system. Using an extruded aluminum enclosure along with our ultra-slim aluminum cone woofers and silk dome tweeters, these bars can be placed just about anywhere, even outdoors. This completely customizable speaker bar is the perfect solution for any variety of applications and delivers the crisp, high-quality sound that your entertainment system has been missing.

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