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James Loudspeaker provides several options in processing capability through DSP calibration and integration. Whether you need a DSP to calibrate your entire system or just need the right signal management and crossover settings, we can configure and provide the right DSP for your needs. Ranging from built-in DSP’s on your amplifiers to complex networks of processing units and amps, we provide any level of audio control and manipulation. Want to build a custom home theater system? Or a paging system that can distribute audio throughout an entire building? How about a landscape system or a perfectly calibrated stereo system? No matter what the project is, the James engineering team will provide expert assistance in selecting and programming the right DSP to fine-tune your audio system so you can get the best performance possible without any of the hassle. From customized user interfaces to hassle-free plug-and-play, James Loudspeaker guarantees only the best in audio system configuration and performance.

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