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Any sound system can be made better with the addition of the right subwoofer. James Loudspeaker’s wide variety of subwoofers caters to almost any audio system. With sizes ranging from 6.5 inches all the way up to 21 inches, and such a wide variety of installation types and formats, you’re sure to find the sub that delivers the deep bass performance your system has been missing without having to sacrifice on installation type. Whether you’re looking for an architectural subwoofer like our Small Aperture subs that nearly disappear into the environment to match your Small Aperture satellites, a powerful high-performing subwoofer that is almost invisible like our powerpipe subwoofers, or a large format ultimate bass-performance sub for home theaters like our maverick series subs, we have the perfect sub for you. With sturdy construction for both indoor and outdoor/marine applications as well as excellent engineering for sonic performance, our subwoofers are tuned to perform at frequencies well below our competition. And with astounding efficiency and power handling, deep powerful bone-rattling bass is easily achievable without pushing either your drivers or amplifiers. Whether it be for music in a stereo system or LFE in a theater system, there’s a James subwoofer that will give you the bass performance you’ve been looking for.

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