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Wedge Series

The Wedge Series are specialized all-terrain boundary application speaker systems for integration into a 90 degree corner, such as at 2 walls or a wall and ceiling. These models are ideally suited for immersive 3D audio systems, such as Atmos, Auro3D, DTS:X, or for traditional music and home theater application when the speakers need to be mounted up high.  This would include outdoor trellises, pergolas, under eave etc. This versatile speaker works well in residential and commercial installations where it can be located at ceiling and wall junctures to provide excellent sound performance yet minimal visible intrusion into the space, and with its compact design, this series easily integrates into any environment, both indoor and outdoor.

With proprietary James high excursion woofers, and the signature James aluminum dome quad-array tweeter, this compact speaker offers silky smooth response across a broad range of frequencies.

These models are constructed entirely of aircraft grade aluminum for strength, sonic performance, and durability, and includes an aluminum perforated grille to provide years of trouble free use. In addition, all wedge speakers are marine grade making them ideal for any indoor/outdoor installation.

A unique mounting system features an easy to install corner bracket that the speaker clips into and securely fastened via setscrews and provides a clean looking visual with no exposed wires and brackets.

Custom colors are available.


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