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James has been providing specialized and custom loudspeakers to the super yacht industry for many years. These are mission critical applications where long life, outstanding performance and visual acceptance are all a must. During this time, James has developed materials, techniques and processes to help ensure long life in the harsh environment of salt water, incorporating these advancements in its marine products. One such area is marine hardware. For more information visit out Marine Technology Page.

James also supplies many custom products to the super yacht industry.  It is not uncommon for hundreds of custom solutions going into a single super yacht poject. You can see some of these models on our "Custom Designs" page by clicking the following link (sort by "application" and filter by "marine"): Custom Designs Page

Almost all James products can be ordered as a "M" or marine version for additional cost.  Contact your local James office for more information. There are some James models which are offered in both MDF or marine versions, such as certain PowerPipe models, marine versions are found on the website with an "M" suffix.  These dedicated marine models are listed below.

Most James products can be ordered as "Marine".
 Contact your local James office, representative or dealer for more information.

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