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SA Trim Kits

The SA series speakers are designed to match industry-standard lighting trim kits to allow integration with similarly styled lighting products. Each SA comes with a choice of trim kits depending on the application. Choose from square or round in 3" and 4" sizes; and retro-fit, sheetrock ready or wood finish types. Custom sizes are available for larger grilles. Each grille comes in studio white and is also “paint ready".

Wood grilles or custom requests allow you to design solutions using your chosen wood materials. Also, you will work closely with our design and woodshop team. Please contact James Loudspeaker directly for additional details. 

Understanding the part number scheme.  A typical SA trim kit will have a number such as:


The "SA" designates it as a SA series trim kit.

The "3" is the size, either 3", 4" 5" etc.

The "Grille" is a product descriptor

The "S" refers to the shape, "S" for square, "R" for round"

The "SS" definds the type or application.  "SS" means Solid surface like wood or metal, so a simple through hole mount.  "SR" means sheet rock and incluses a mud ring that the drywaller will mud over.  "RF" means Retro Fit and this trim has a flange to cover any inperfections in a through hole mount.  Also useful for dropped ceilings where a clean cut is difficult to do.

Router Templates available for 3", 4" trims. Order the skus below for router templates:





Custom wood samples are shown below:

James Loudspeaker can integrate and match lighting fixtures.  Again, this will allow you to work closely with James' engineering staff to design the best solution.  Please contact James for additional assistance.

.More photos on the Custom Wood Trin Page

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