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James Loudspeaker features a wide variety of in-wall speakers suited for many different applications. Whether you’re looking for an integrated home theater system, a simple stereo system, a distributed audio system, or something entirely different we have an in-wall solution that will work for you. We cater to budgets of any size and feature several different aesthetic options as well. James Loudspeaker is dedicated to finding the appropriate solution for any application, and the wide variety of in-wall style speakers and the many variations and custom options we make available ensures that no matter what your needs are, there is an in-wall speaker that meets your specific needs.

Complete with a wide variety of styles that include everything from surface mount speakers that require stud framing to flush mount speakers that seamlessly integrate into the wall, and even architectural speakers that hide inside the wall with a simple port for sound to escape, there is no limit to the solutions we make available to our valued clientele. Everything from subwoofers to architectural speakers for both new construction and retrofit applications, we strive to offer no-compromise solutions to all your audio needs. Great sound has never looked so good.

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