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Centergy Technology

James Loudspeaker’s Centergy Technology offers a unique solution for integrated three channel audio into two loudspeakers when its impossible to place three separate loudspeakers for the L,C and R. Rather than using a single center channel speaker, Centergy Technology allows us to split this signal between two separate speakers mounted to either side of the TV. When configured properly, these two separate speakers combine their signal and produce the effect of having a single centrally located center channel speaker. This unique technology allows us to produce speaker arrays for your entertainment system in any format regardless of integration method. Whether you’re looking for a center channel only, stereo left/right, or a complete left/center/right array, Centergy Technology allows us to accomplish this with either a single bar mounted to the bottom or top of your display or a pair of bars mounted on either side, providing previously unobtainable versatility in entertainment system audio integration.

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