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  • AT/OT Burial Cables & Harnesses

    M19 burial cable male to female

    AT/OT Burial Cables, Hubs, Pigtails & Connectors were designed for easy connection of Outdoor Tower Series loudspeakers and outdoor AT landscape models with plug and play efficiency.<...Read more

  • Brackets & Stakes

    At.mount.l web

    James Loudspeaker carries a variety of brackets that help integrate our wide variety of different speakers for any application. From Z-brackets designed to hang our various on-wall style speakers d...Read more

  • Mason Boxes

    43ue mason box web

    Sometimes a James outdoor or marine speaker can get specified for installation in a stone or rock wall. To facilitate ease of installation, and service if ever required, James produces CUSTOM&...Read more

  • Preconstruction Boards


    Preconstruction Boards - (PB suffix)

    One of the many accessories that we provide, these pre-construction boards make installing our integrated in-wall and in-ceiling spea...Read more

  • SA Trim Kits

    Sa63 3r rf web

    The SA series speakers are designed to match industry-standard lighting trim kits to allow integration with similarly styled lighting products. Each SA comes with a choice of trim kits depending on...Read more

  • Toekicks (PowerPipes)

    Square toekick web

    James Loudspeaker's line of power pipe subwoofers has revolutionized the idea of integrated full-range audio. Along with this incredible line of subwoofers comes an even more versatile var...Read more

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