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SA Small Aperture®

James Loudspeaker has always sought to push the envelope when it comes to better solutions through innovation, and nothing reflects that commitment like our Small Aperture® (SA) Series. These barely visible ultra-high-performance architectural speakers have been created to redefine the concept of a décor-matched entertainment system. The SA Series is unlike anything you've ever seen or heard, reproducing sound with the refinement of a more costly studio monitor.

The engineering behind Small Aperture is the culmination of extensive hours in the lab and a relentless passion for the art of recreating sound. Each one of the SA Series models can be mounted either in-ceiling or in-wall, with only a relatively tiny opening exposed to the listener. To trim this opening, James Loudspeaker offers a vast array of standard and custom finishes for the low-profile grille, which is available in 3-inch or 4-inch round or square flush mount style. (Now available with 3-inch Microperf grille.) Inside each of the SA speakers is a powerful yet compact subwoofer, coupled with a module that handles the midrange and high frequencies. We think the sound quality is nothing short of staggering, with detailed bass notes reaching down to 38 Hz and dispersion that covers a sizable area. We encourage anyone and everyone who loves music to audition the James Loudspeaker Small Aperture Series. 

To learn more about the technologies used in the Small Aperture series, click the Technologies button in the upper right corner or visit this link.

Below, check out a 5 minute video explaining how Small Aperture products are designed, manufactured and integrated into modern homes.



SA Small Aperture® Featured Installations

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