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Preconstruction Boards

Preconstruction Boards - (PB suffix)

One of the many accessories that we provide, these pre-construction boards make installing our integrated in-wall and in-ceiling speakers a hassle free experience. Our regular pre-construction boards (PB suffix) are built using galvanized steel and easily install on the stud bay to indicate where the sheetrock will trimed. This means that installers can simply install the sheetrock up the the lip edge of our pre-construction board and there is no risk of misalignment or misplacement of speaker locations or orientation when they are installed.

Flushmount Preconstruction Boards (PBF suffix)

We also offer a flush-mount installation option for our some of our integrated speakers which requires a pre-construction board built for flush mount design (PBF suffix). These boards install directly to the studs using MDF material the same thickness as the sheetrock. Then sheetrock can be installed up to the edge of the MDF and taping and mudding can be performed as if the MDF board were another piece of sheetrock. The mudding is done up to a lip on the board next to the cutout in which the speaker will be installed such that the grille is seamlessly flush with the wall. These installation tools can be made available for any of our integrated speaker models, making the installation and integration process as easy as possible.

NOTE: When ordering flush mount pre-construction boards (PBF models), you must specify the thickness of the sheetrock that you will be using (1/2", 5/8" etc). This is a suffix to the part number and added to the end.

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