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At James Loudspeaker, we make a wide range of speakers designed for seamless integration into just about any environment. One of the many ways that we accomplish this is with on-wall style speakers. With everything from ultra-slim models, larger format high-output speakers and our legendary custom solutions, James Loudspeaker will create the perfect on-wall speaker to suit your needs. Designed to be installed using a simple through-hole mounting system or with our versatile brackets, James Loudspeaker on-wall speakers are all built with elegant design and unmatched performance in mind. From floor-to-ceiling models to speakers concealed inside a recess or even angled speakers designed for corner mounting, we offer the form factor and performance that you’re looking for in an on-wall speaker. Using proprietary aluminum cone woofers and a variety of different tweeter options —including our legendary quad tweeter array for ultra-wide dispersion— James Loudspeaker on-wall solutions provide best-in-class entertainment where an in-wall speaker is impractical.

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