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PP Series - PowerPipe Subwoofers

James Loudspeaker PowerPipe subwoofers were created to solve an age-old problem; how to fill a space with rich, detailed bass frequencies without interfering with décor. With that hurdle in mind, the engineers at James Loudspeaker set out to create the world’s first and finest disappearing subwoofer. The PowerPipe has been described as a "game changer" for the A/V market and interior designers alike, quickly becoming one of the most popular solutions in the world of high-performance audio/video. The PowerPipe utilizes a flexible tube to move bass energy from a hidden location into the listening space through a visually unassuming grille. The team at James Loudspeaker designed a purpose-built woofer along with some magical tuning techniques to achieve the astonishing performance of the PowerPipe. These subwoofers use a durable, sealed aluminum enclosure that can be concealed just about anywhere, such as above a ceiling, nestled below in a sub-floor or even stowed away in a closet. The flexible tube is simply routed from the enclosure to the chosen port option. James Loudspeaker offers a vast array of standard or custom port options, providing a seamless decor treatment for even the most discerning clients and designers. Custom port options can be configured in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors.

PowerPipe subwoofers come with our standard toekick, TK4-3x14-2.  Samples of other toekicks can be found from the main menu under Products|accessory|toekicks.  Click to go to the toekicks page.

PP Series - PowerPipe Subwoofers Featured Installations

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