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James Loudspeaker is dedicated to providing custom solutions for any application. All James sound bars are made to custom length for each individual TV. This particular SPL5QLCR bar was made for a much larger screen, requiring it to be a total of 101 inches long. The extraordinary length of this bar poses a challenge with shipping however, so to offer the best available deal to our valued clients, we developed this 3 part design. Rather than make one 101 inch bar, we split this bar into its 3 individual channels. Each section contains one portion of the LCR design—either right, left or center. Attaching the three parts with a simple bracket design, this innovative solution still provides the seamless integration of one of our standard custom length bars without the hassle of special shipping and handling conditions, allowing us to offer the same stellar performance and easy integration that has become our standard as well as reduced shipping costs. If you can think it, we can build it

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